Volunteer on OCH Board Committees or OCH Foundation Board of Directors

Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCHC) and the OCH Foundation are seeking volunteers to join OCHC Board Committees and the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

About OCHC:
OCHC delivers quality, affordable housing, and nurtures healthy, safe and inclusive communities across the City.

About OCH Foundation:
The OCH Foundation works towards alleviating the social needs of tenants living in OCHC communities with a focus on education, employment and community engagement.

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Provide community input, advice and expertise in matters that advance and support Ottawa residents with affordable housing and social needs
  • Advocate for affordable housing solutions and make a positive difference in the lives of OCHC tenants
  • Share your skills and experience, enrich your networks and strengthen your community leadership

Candidates will bring the following experience:

  • Personal, professional or volunteer experience with vulnerable people, social or community causes
  • Experience in leading discussions and making decisions on a board, committee or other professional organization
  • Experience in making presentations or briefings to committees, boards, groups or the general public

Please submit your letter of interest and resumé to GovernanceRecruitment@och.ca by Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

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