Community House Room Painting (5 volunteers)

Project Timeframe2019 – Summer or Fall
Project DifficultyEasy
Physical Demand LevelLow
Number of Volunteers Required for a Half-Day Event5

Why this project?

This is a high-impact project that will allow you to immediately see the value of the hours you have volunteered. You will help to paint the programming room of a Community House.

Possible dates for this project:

  • Any Friday
  •  Anyday between August 26th and September 13th

What′s involved?

  • Use of paint brushes and rollers
  • A step-ladder will be required for those who are painting the top of the ceiling
  • Laying paper down in the hallways to ensure the space will be protected from spilled paint
  • All tools, supplies and instructions will be provided on site

Project Funding

Cost: $$$

This project is not funding dependent, however monetary contributions from the group to donate towards the community projects are always appreciated.

Project Location

This project is located at Winthrop Court . Parking is available but limited. Bussing or carpooling is encouraged.

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