Green Plan

OCH is an industry leader in green initiatives, at the forefront for non-profit housing providers in Ontario.

In 2011 the OCH Green Plan was launched, and identified a host of activities supporting:

  • Reduced fuel consumption and associated utility costs
  • Improved environmental stewardship
  • Improved environmental awareness among staff and tenants

Our Green Future

We have initiated green bin pilot programs in several townhouse and high-rise communities. Presently, households with curb side pickup have organic collection. OCH is working in partnership with the City of Ottawa to expand organic collection to all of our high-rise and townhouse communities.

Our Energy Project Coordinator creates site-specific training material for all mechanical systems in all of our buildings across our portfolio. This training will be supplied to front line staff so that a standard set of site-specific seasonal maintenance procedures and set points will be implemented by designated staff in all our buildings.

An innovative suite metering solution has been piloted in several OCH communities to address some of the long-standing energy efficiency challenges . With this heating management solution, tenants are provided with sufficient control to heat their home within comfort guidelines based on outdoor temperatures, which helps to reduce misuse or waste. OCH is working with Hydro Ottawa to develop various models for suite metering to be potentially implemented portfolio-wide in the next couple of years.

All of OCH’s utility data has been loaded in to a new utility monitoring program. Advantages of this program include:

  • Current information on all utilities and meters
  • Track savings of retrofit programs
  • Track issues and assist in the analysis of issues
  • Huge savings on staff time

Case Studies


Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) saw an opportunity to save water and money by retrofitting plumbing fixtures throughout its portfolio. Early analysis suggested that new water-efficient fixtures would use less water, reduce undiagnosed leaks and offer significant cost savings. OCH was also motivated to lower its water consumption to reduce its impact on the environment.

Read the full Plumbing Retrofit Case Study.


Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) had an opportunity to save energy, improve the building conditions and enhance tenant comfort in its townhouse communities by retrofitting uninsulated and poorly sealed basement walls.

Read the full Weatherization and Air Sealing Case Study.


Building components are generally expected to perform over a certain service life. As windows and doors age, they become vulnerable to air and water leakage and can pose a deterioration risk for building envelopes and interior finishes. In 2008, a Federal Government grant for social housing energy retrofits provided Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) with the necessary capital to proceed with window and door replacement projects at select buildings.

Read the full Windows and Macony Door Replacement Case Study.


The brick cladding at Clementine Towers (1455 Clementine Ave) required replacement to address deficiencies and deterioration. This offered an opportunity for Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) to install an innovative “solar wall” to preheat air supplied to the building’s corridor ventilation system. The project reduced energy consumption and operating costs while showcasing green building practices.

Read the full Solar Wall Case Study.

Green Initiatives

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