Making Lunches for Emergency Food Program (Requires funding) (5-10 volunteers)

Project TimeframeMonthly: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December available
Project DifficultyEasy
Physical Demand LevelLow
Number of Volunteers Required for a Half-Day Event5-10

Why this volunteer project?

Emergency lunch program

The Family House currently provides approximately 60 emergency lunches per day to elementary school aged children in the community. This program has been running for some years and operates all year round to accommodate children’s needs during the school year and while they attend summer camps and activities. This activity consists of making sandwiches and packing healthy and nut free snacks such as trail mix, crackers, etc.

There is also an Emergency Food Bank on site which served almost 14,000 people in 2017. Volunteers have the opportunity to bag and sort pantry staples such as flour, rice, oatmeal and pasta into smaller portions which can be distributed to the community.

What′s involved?

  • Shopping for food and packing supplies
  • Organizing a location (or alternatively, it can be planned at the Community House)
  • Hosting a sandwich making and snack/pantry staples packing event
  • Delivering items to the Community House or coordinating a pickup with OCH

Project Funding

Cost: $$

This project is funding dependent.

Project Location

This project can easily be done at your workplace or community space. In this case, the food items can either be delivered by your team or picked up by ours afterwards.

If needed, the event could also be hosted at the Community House which is near Meadowlands and Prince of Wales. There is some street parking available and carpooling is encouraged.

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