2018 Tenant Satisfaction Survey

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2018 OCH Tenant Satisfaction Survey - Highlights of Results

OCH partnered with Ekos Research Associates to carry out a Tenant Satisfaction Survey in 2018.

The survey examined overall levels of tenant satisfaction in three broad areas:

  • satisfaction with their home
  • their community
  • the services provided by OCH; including maintenance, safety and security.

What is the good news?

  • The number of tenants who said they were satisfied with their community increased.
  • Thanks to investments in Integrated Pest Management, the satisfaction with the level of service increased.
  • The implementation of the OneNumber system (OCH Call Centre 613-731-1182) has resulted in more tenants satisfied with after-hours service.
  • The majority of tenants feel safe in their homes.

Where can we improve?

  • Maintenance concerns were raised by tenants who had called in work orders.
  • Perception of safety in common areas.
  • Common area cleanliness

Here is what we are working on...

  • We are reviewing our service delivery model for completing work order
  • We have increased joint patrols and working with partners to  build safer communities. (to increase safety in our communities.)
  • The Welcome Home Pilot was aimed at increasing pride of place for tenants by refreshing and modernizing 40 lobbies. In 2020 that focus will shift to townhome communities.

The Survey Results

Overall, the results were positive with 73% to 79% tenant satisfaction rates in all three areas:

Satisfaction Rating with….

Community 0%
Home 0%
Services 0%

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The results are statistically reliable at a level of 95%, making them highly representative of the broader community of tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing.

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