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Wellness Visits Provide Support to OCH Tenants

Ottawa Community Housing has been working with the City of Ottawa to check on the well-being of residents and families who are isolated or part of the city’s at-risk populations.  

At OCH, the work began with phone calls to our fire-assist list on December 10. As of February 5, staff have contacted 197 tenants over the phone.  

Staff and partners such as the Red Cross, Salus Ottawa, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s Tamir Foundation, Option’s Bytown and Ottawa West Community Support’s Aging in Place program and the Ottawa Coalition of Community Houses have knocked on 689 doors since December 2020.  

 How do we identify at-risk tenants? 

Staff reach out to tenants on our fire assist, or emergency list, we also reach out to seniors and tenants in our high needs buildings.  

 What is the benefit?  

Volunteers offer information about health and community resources, mental health and emotional support resources, food and pet food support, technology support, and companionship phone lines. The calls help staff to identify tenant issues that are in need of follow up support or resources. It also allows us to connect with tenants reduce isolation and remind our residents that we are here for them.  

 Where else can you find information about COVID-19 resources? 

Ottawa Community Housing has put together a COVID-19 resource page, which you can find at https://www.och-lco.ca/covid-19/ . You may also visit Ottawa Public Health at www.ottawapublichealth.ca  and click on the COVID link at the top of the page.   


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