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Two murals titled, I See Beauty, I See Beauty In You, were installed at 415 MacLaren and 380 Somerset

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, tenants from 415 MacLaren and 380 Somerset, OCH staff, Ottawa Salus and the Centretown Community Health Centre have found creative ways to stay connected with one another. 

A local community-engaged muralist, Claudia Salguero, was brought on board to help make this connection a reality. People living at the two OCH properties were invited to participate in the creation. A conversation started and a vision surfaced for an art piece that would shine a light on the caring, kind and wonderful people living in these communities 

The poem below from a local resident contributed to this conversation.  

Picking Contentment 

I am a high-rise dreamer 

living close to Chinatown 

where great old houses 

line the streets,  

their faces hidden by ivy. 

In the fall night rains contrast 

the wet black boughs of the elm trees 

with their delicate saffron leaves. 


The old Chinese women,  

as numerous as tiny spyeria blossoms, 

go to the park to practice Tai Chi. 

Looking like gnarled dolls,  

they chatter like sparrows. 


Some mornings the air is exhilarating, 

and during my evening walks  

the sun illuminates the clouds 

to a burnt orange. 

Around me tall dark trees 

stand sentinel above the asphalt. 


In the spring the magnolia tree  

at the end of the street  

loses its aureole 

With contentment I pick wildflowers 

of daring colours: vibrant yellow, purple, blue and burgundy.  

– Beverly  

 The murals were installed on August 20. The concept features an eye that ties the pieces of the murals together. This theme reminds us of the beauty we can see and appreciate around us, even in challenging times. 

 This is a sneak peek of what the completed murals will look like.

This is a sneak peek of what the completed murals will look like.

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