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Employee Spotlight: Meet Rebecca

We sat down with Rebecca Liem, a summer student in Corporate Communications. She was hired for the role of Graphic Designer and Videographer Student.

What do you study in school?

I am a graduate of Algonquin College and now currently a transfer student at Wilfrid Laurier University in the program User Experience Design. In my program, we specialize in making the experiences better for every user. That work may include designing an accessible washroom or making sure it is easy to navigate a website.

What drew you to OCH?

What drew me to OCH is that they provide homes for so many people across Ottawa and I wanted to be apart of a community that creates a positive impact on people’s lives. I loved the idea of helping out in my own way to this city I call home and especially during these hard times.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me is starting off my day with an iced coffee and reading my emails. Then I join the team meeting and sharing what we all need to accomplish that day, or for the week. After our call, I make sure that I am working on the task with the highest importance. From week to week, it changes from working on creating new pages for the website, creating graphics, editing videos, or researching how to improve the website.

What are some of your favourite things about the position?

What I really enjoy about my position is that I am able to work on a variety of projects, which makes every day different and interesting. I also really enjoy my team and working with them, they are all very welcoming!

What are some of the challenges you face?

A challenge I face is getting creative blocks and that makes completing my projects harder because the majority of my job is creative work.

We asked Rebecca’s supervisor, Melany Chretien, Director of Corporate Communications, what makes Rebecca a unique employee?

We all love working with Rebecca! She is always all smiles! She brings really positive energy to the group. Although her main assignment is the website update under Lacey’s guidance, Rebecca is not afraid to take on new tasks. She is always willing to try something new to help the team meet its objectives. She has been working on a variety of projects from design, to research, to videography and even translation! We are really grateful to have her for the summer months!

 Rebecca Liem was hired for the role of Graphic Designer and Videographer Student.

Rebecca Liem was hired for the role of Graphic Designer and Videographer Student.

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