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Waste Reduction for a Greener Planet

In 2020, OCH approved a Waste Management Strategy outlining how we will roll out improved waste infrastructure and diversion throughout the communitiesTenants in certain communities will receive counter-sized organic waste containers and green bins. They will also receive educational materials on what to put in the green bins. Exterior green pads and renovated enclosures with clear signage will be created to help manage waste leading up to garbage day. 

The goal is to keep waste out of the landfill and create better, more welcoming communities. We also want to encourage recycling and waste reduction. 

If your community has a green bin program, we have put together some tips and tricks now that the weather is warming up.  

Seven tips to keep your bin odourfree 

  1. Rinse your bin with a mild detergent 
  2. Line the bin with a yard waste bag or old newspapers 
  3. Always lock the lid of the bin to keep animals out. 
  4. Put cooking grease and oil in old cracker or cookie boxes before putting them in the green bin.  
  5. Wrap food waste tightly in newspaper to prevent flies. 
  6. Keep meat and fish scraps in the freezer until collection day. 
  7. Set out your green bin every week for collection, even when it’s not full. 

If you are unsure about what to put in the green bin, visit the City of Ottawa’s green bin and yard waste page at: https://ottawa.ca/en/garbage-and-recycling/green-bin-and-leaf-and-yard-waste#what-goes-your-green-bin  

 Green bin distribution

Green bin distribution

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