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Green Team Kids program takes root in Morrison Gardens

There’s a budding program at the Morrison Gardens Community House that teaches kids about healthy eating and building a social enterprise.

The Green Team kids have been working as a “business” for nearly a year.

The Pinecrest Community Health Centre – who provides staff for the Morrison Gardens Community House’s many programs – worked with the Parkdale Food Centre to get a lettuce tower.
The lettuce tower allows for greens such as – you guessed it – lettuce, as well as things like bok choy, to be grown indoors, all year round.
The tower is tended and harvested by kids from the community in the homework club.

“We are growing greens, talking about healthy food,” said Erin Hertz, a Community Worker with PQCHC.
The group was approached by the Head Chef at Bridgehead in the fall of 2018. Bridgehead has a central location for their food products, which are then sent out to the locations across the city. The restaurants then use the greens in their sandwiches and salads. Green Team kids get $30/kg for the lettuce they sell.

Erin said it’s been a great partnership. “We are teaching them about food and finance.”

The junior business people have been working on the project for nearly a year. Each member of the Green Team kids has a job based on their expertise and interest. The money earned will go back into programming for the kids.

Besides selling their product – the team has also run a one day pop up restaurant to raise money and used a bike-powered blender, borrowed from the Parkdale Food Centre – to sell make smoothies and sell them.

 The Green Team kids harvest lettuce for sale to Bridgehead

The Green Team kids harvest lettuce for sale to Bridgehead

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