Healthy Communities Initiative

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The Healthy Communities Initiative is a place-based community development approach developed by Ottawa Community Housing (OCH). The main goal of the Healthy Communities Initiative is to help address common concerns of those living and working in OCH communities. The Healthy Communities Initiative focuses on four key questions that can help determine the health of a community:

Does a positive social environment exist? Is the community a safe place to live? Is there pride of place by tenants? Is there engagement with the broader community?

By understanding the answers to these questions, OCH, working with tenants and partners, can identify what is working well and what needs to change in order to make a community a healthier place to live.

After a community agrees to adopt the Healthy Communities Initiative, a group of tenants, community partners and OCH staff come together to analyze the current state of the community. This can involve surveys, focus groups, community events or other activities designed to gather information on the health of the community. Once this information is collected, a working group is formed, and an action plan is developed, and responsibilities are assigned. The results of all actions taken are recorded.

The Healthy Communities Initiative is part of OCH’s extensive community development efforts and is being adopted throughout its communities. For more information on the Healthy Communities Initiative, please contact the Community Development Manager (CDM) at your nearest OCH office.

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