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Keep pathways clear

Ottawa Community Housing and Ottawa Fire Services are committed to reducing the risk of fire injury and fire loss. Fire safety reminders throughout the year help us achieve this goal in keeping everyone safe! Here are some fall fire safety tips.

Please always keep pathways cleared to every room in your home including to the balcony so that all doors can fully open. Emergency personnel need to be able to reach you if there’s an emergency.

If you’re a smoker, be sure to use deep ashtrays to extinguish cigarettes. NEVER toss them over a balcony, in a potted plant or flower bed. Remember – No BUTTS in BED!

Cooking is part of everyday life but don’t get distracted when you are preparing meals and snacks! Remain in the kitchen while food is cooking and be sure to keep anything that can catch on fire away from your stove. Remember – Stand by your pan!

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm every month. If your smoke or CO alarm doesn’t work, please phone the call centre immediately for repair at 613-731-1182, Option 2.

Lastly and most importantly, make sure your home escape plan is practiced with all the members in your home at least twice a year.





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