Tenant Spotlight: Meet Guy

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Most days, Guy – a resident of Regina Towers, can be found in the building’s lounge.

He has lived in the building for the better part of a decade and has become a fixture in the community.

Not only is he the hands behind the community’s garden, Guy is a member of the West District Based Committee, and the driving force behind a fundraising initiative to get new kitchen equipment for the building.

“I like helping people,” Guy said. “Helping that one person when I am having a bad day makes a big difference.”

He added he has gotten a lot of respect from other residents thanks to the transformation of the community garden.

The local tenant circle is a group of tenant leaders in the building. Guy has been a member for the last seven years. He started out doing work in the garden that helps provide produce for barbecues and feed residents of the building.

The circle provides meals once a week for tenants of the building.

Each week approximately 130 people are served by meal programs at Regina Towers.

The Tenant Circle provides weekly meals, as does Salus, – a local partner agency that provides mental health and support programs, and the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre.

In addition to the weekly meals, the circle hosts an annual Fall Celebration where the community garden is harvested. Some proceeds are frozen for use during the colder months, and some are donated to the local Food Bank.

Guy has been working with OCH staff and other members of the Tenant Circle on an application to fund some improvements to the kitchen. They’ve been able to fundraise $2,000 through events and were successful in their application for additional money through the Community Capital Fund.

“There are lot of great things happening here, and I’m proud to be a part of it,” Guy said.

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