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Employee Spotlight: Meet Theo

We sat down with Maintenance Worker Theo Fenton. For Theo, it’s all about a job well done.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?
A: It varies. It can be anywhere from a small job to a big job. Anywhere from replacing a wall plate to redoing a floor in an occupied unit. If I finish all my assigned jobs in a day, I also help with the fire life safety or lend a hand if my co-workers need help.

Q: What drew you to OCH?
I was subcontractor before and did a lot of work for OCH. I heard a lot of good news about the things OCH does for the tenants and I wanted to be part of the organization, so I applied and I’m thankful OCH took a chance on me.

Q: What is your favourite part of the job?
A: That I give it 100 percent. What makes me feel good about it is I do the work. And the outcome is that the tenants are satisfied with the work I do.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face in your job?
When there is an emergency, like a fire or flood, keeping the tenants reassured that OCH will help with all the work that needs to be done, and keep other departments informed.

Q: What is something about you that very few people know?
They call me Dr. Pepper because I try to grow hot peppers.

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