Pest Management: Farewell to Roaches

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  • German roach size is up to 15 mm in length.roaches
  • Tan, brown or dark brown in color.
  • Eggs are brown 5 mm in size.
  • Fecal spots are grey to black and the size of a pepper grind.
  • Found in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Travel on the outside of pipes and wires.
  • Will survive on water alone but attracted to heat sources, grease and food scraps as well as wallpaper glue.
  • Usually hide in the day and feed at night.

Report Roaches

phone1Call OCH 613-731-1182 (option 2) at first sight of any pest.
OCH will have our pest control technician visit your home.

During the first visit

If pests are found during the assessment visit:

  • OCH will vacuum, add monitors, apply insecticidal gel and/or powder and seal all cracks and crevices.
  • OCH staff will confirm and schedule a new appointment if additional treatments are needed.

Preparation and Treatment

attnTo have a greater chance of success, it is essential to follow these steps.

Roaches Control

  • Do not use over the counter products to treat your home.

To facilitate access for the technician, remove items from

  • the top of fridge and stove
  • the cabinet under the kitchen sink and bathroom vanity
  • where infestations are present and clean all surfaces.

Call OCH at 613-731-1182 (option 2) if you need help with preparing your home for treatment.

Day Of the Treatment

checkReview Prepare for the Day of Treatment Checklist.

  • If you have not prepared or you are not ready for treatment please call OCH at 613-731-1182 (option 2) before the pest technician arrives.
  • Wait for the technician to arrive (maximum wait 4h) or make arrangements for us to access your home and give us a phone number where we can reach you.
  • Do not keep your pets in the treatment areas (often kitchen and bathrooms).
  • It is recommended that you remain in your home during the treatment.

Following a Treatment

  • Do not remove the insecticidal gel.
  • Keep children and pets away from the gel.
  • Return the items that were removed from the cabinets.
  • Keep your home clean and vacuumed.
  • You may still see roaches for up to 3 to 4 weeks following a first treatment. Call 613-731-1182 (option 2) if you are concerned treatment has not been effective or have questions regarding the treatment.

A follow up treatment may be necessary.

Pest Prevention

Keep your home clean and dry. Vacuuming often is key to pest control.


  • Keep all infested rooms clean and tidy, particularly kitchen and bathroom(s).
  • Vacuum every day and dispose of any insects immediately.
  • Clean up all food spills promptly including from carpet and furniture.
  • Store food in sealed containers.
  • Get rid of food packaging immediately after use.
  • Clean dirty dishes after each meal.
  • Keep area clean around the refrigerator, stove and sink.
  • Immediately report leaking faucets and water dripping under kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Do not store plastic bags or paper under the sink.
  • Remove garbage from your home daily and place it in a sealed bag for proper disposal down the chute or outside.
  • Infested furniture must be bagged (or wrapped) before removing from your home. Call OCH at 613-731-1182 (option 2) before removing any infested furniture.

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