Shaun Simms

Chief, People, Communications and Strategies
Shaun Simms

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As the Chief, People, Communications and Strategies, Shaun Simms is a highly respected senior leader with 29 years of experience at OCHC. Her role highlights the importance of our people and their involvement in creating our desired culture. That is, connecting the dots between how the day-to day-work that our employees do contributes to OCHC’S strategic goals.
Shaun provides leadership and oversight to the human resources and communications functions, fostering a culture of leadership, accountability and continuous improvement. OCHC’s culture roadmap reflects a well-planned journey that contributes to a positive and engaging employee experience. Under Shaun’s leadership, structures and supports reinforce our strengths, promote health, safety, wellness, diversity and inclusion, encourage professional development and celebrate organizational excellence.
On any given day, Shaun wants every OCHC employee to be able to say with conviction, “we are proud because every day we make a difference.”
Shaun is passionate about inspiring a positive, tenant-focused approach that reflects our values, through our people. Her innovative, entrepreneurial nature, coupled with her proven ability to lead and promote collaboration within the corporation and across the social housing sector, are at the heart of all that she does.

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