Construction Update: Overbrook Renewal Project

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Ottawa Community Housing is working on a renewal project that will revitalize the Overbrook community.  

Renewal can be accomplished by phasing in new homes and replacing ones at the end of their life cycle.   

Depending on the circumstances, it also offers the opportunity to build new affordable housing and improve green spaces.  

“With the growing number of families being added to the Affordable Housing Waiting List, and the increasing housing costs, OCH is in a position where we will have to play catch up to replace and where possible, increase our affordable housing stock” said Cliff Youdale, Chief Development Officer for OCH. “We also have to innovate and look to mixed-income, mixed-use developments to create affordable, sustainable and engaging communities.”  

OCH is reviewing its lands, buildings, and infrastructure to assess potential areas for phased renewal. With the Overbrook neighbourhood, OCH is working with consultants, tenants, broader community members and the City, especially in close conjunction with Rideau-Rockcliffe Councillor Rawlson King and Councillor Mathieu Fleury, Chair, Ottawa Community Housing Corporation Board on community consultation, and we currently anticipate the process to take upwards of two years before construction may start.   

Ottawa Community Housing has a proud history within Overbrook dating back to the 1950s, with more than 900 homes over 50 acres of land. That makes the community a good candidate for renewal. Those homes are spread out in the following neighbourhoods:  

  • Bon Logis 
  • Père Charlebois
  • LowRen
  • Queen Mary Court
  • Carine-Dubeau  

This renewal project will be phased in over 10 years and will focus on community pride, modern and sustainable homes, and a renewed life span for OCH’s rental housing portfolio. As part of that work, tenants currently living in homes at the end of their life cycle will be rehoused. OCH has successfully rehoused tenants in previous renewal projects. The goal throughout the process will remain to provide tenants, who will need rehousing, with a new home that best suits their needs.    

The process may start as early as the Fall of 2022.

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