2015 Tenant Satisfaction Survey

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2015 OCH Tenant Satisfaction Survey - Highlights of Results

OCH partnered with Ekos Research Associates to carry out a Tenant Satisfaction Survey in 2015.

The survey examined overall levels of tenant satisfaction in three broad areas:

  • satisfaction with their home
  • their community
  • the services provided by OCH; including maintenance, safety and security.

You told us ....We listened.

Based on all the responses, we identified the following key areas where we could provide a higher level of service.

Have you noticed these changes to tenant services and how we communicate with you?

OCH Badges Tenant Experience-1 phoneYou told us you wanted an easier way to reach us – we listened and we introduced the 1-phone number approach.

In March 2017, OCH introduced the ONE Number approach.  This new model enables OCH to answer all requests by providing live support on every call. We connect you with the person who can answer your call faster without having to leave a message. 613-731-1182 is the only phone number to remember if you want to reach any OCH Offices or staff member.

OCH Badges Tenant Experience-IPMYou told us that pests were an important concern, we listened and we hired a dedicated team of pest experts

In March 2016, OCH started an in-house pest management program. The Integrated Pest Management is a dedicated team of certified pest experts. The team not only delivers treatment programs and equipment; they also provide education and support to you which leads to a more successful treatment program. Successful pest management is a dual responsibility between OCH and the tenants.

OCH Badges Tenant Experience-CleanYou told us you wanted clean, welcoming buildings. We listened and we introduced new cleanliness standards

In support of tenants’ pride of place, a new approach to maintaining cleanliness standards in the common areas of OCH properties was recently introduced. This new approach includes regular audits and cleaning inspection forms completed by cleaners every day in each of OCH’s buildings.

You told us you wanted more information and better communication, we listened, OCH Badges Tenant Experience – Comms-and we created a Tenant Guide, renewed our website and introduced OCH twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

OCH website (www.och-lco.ca) was refreshed in December 2015 to satisfy the need for better, more up to date and accessible information for tenants.  New features include Google Translate which can be used to translate most of the content into many different languages, Maps and direct form submissions for quicker processing.

The OCH Tenant Guide is a one-stop guide about your lease, your legal rights and responsibilities as well as OCH’s and other important tips to make sure you have the best tenancy experience possible. The guide is available on our website or at your closest OCH office.

You can now follow us on Twitter @OCH_LCO, on FaceBook @ottawacommunityhousing, on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Click Here for Insights from the Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Overall, the results were positive with 74%-75% tenant satisfaction rates in each of the three areas.

Overall tenant satisfaction 0%

Safety and Security

feel safe inside their homes 0%
feel safe outside their homes 0%

OCH Maintenance Services

satisfied with delivery of services 0%
find maintenance staff helpful, polite 0%

Overall Satisfaction Among Seniors

feel safe 0%
satisfied with their homes 0%
satisfied with their communities 0%


The results are statistically reliable at a level of 95%, making them highly representative of the broader community of tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing.

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