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What we heard

Check out our summary of the June 9 Tenant Talks session. We received questions and provided information about a wide range of topics – from safety, maintenance, pest management and support for tenants. We also heard from a tenant who got involved in his community to improve the community waste and increase waste diversion.   

The next Tenant Talks session will take place on Sept. 15. See the presentation and comments from the virtual session below. Do you have a comment or question not covered in the Question and Answer on our Tenant Talks web page? Send us an email at tenanttalks@och.ca.   

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OCH Information Sharing

Supporting OCH Tenants

What we heard

Project Guardian 

This will be a complete replacement and modernization of building entry systems and security cameras – 13 buildings are slated to be completed by the end of 2022. 

My Home updates 

We will roll out new functions and create more options in the tool by the end of the year. Stay tuned!  

Instructions on how to access My Home can be found on our website. Find the instructions on how to register here.  

OCH Tenant Satisfaction 

OCH will be conducting a Tenant Satisfaction Survey. OCH is partnering with a research firm to carry out the survey which will begin in July. It will be a sample of tenants (approximately 1,000 tenants will be contacted). It will be your opportunity to provide your feedback on OCH’s service delivery – which will help us serve you better. We encourage you to participate if you’re contacted.  

Community Development  

Our Community Development is looking forward to seeing tenants in person. The lounges are open to in-person events. The first in-person District Based Committee meeting was held at the Overbrook Community on June 16. The Tenant Talks team was onsite handing out information about Tenant Talks. 

Rent Review Eligibility/Subsidy Loss Prevention 

Rent can be reviewed at your annual review date and once in between your annual review dates, called an in-year review. Tenants can have their one in-year review if their household income decreases by 20 percent or more and it is a permanent change. If you’re unsure if you should ask for a rent review, call 613-731-1182, and select option 4. Note: Full-time student incomes are exempt from being calculated into your rent.  

2022 Tax Clinics  

The Volunteer engagement program at OCH has established a new partnership with Revenue Canada (CVITP program) to host tax clinics. The objective of this pilot project is to assist tenants who are at risk of losing their subsidy because their income tax was not filed. All Rent-Geared-to-Income tenants much provide their Notice of Assessment (NOA) for all adult members of the household in order to maintain their subsidy.  

New Parking Department 

Effective July 18 OCH will have a dedicated parking team that will serve as a one-stop for tenants parking issues. You will be able to reserve a spot, provide your vehicle information, request a parking ticket inquiry and much more by calling 613-731-1182, and selecting option 5. 

We had a meeting with the Tenant Talks champions on April 21, we asked about a variety of topics. Here’s some examples of what we heard.  


The response times for work orders is done in a timely manner.   

We are pleased with the quality of work with our contractors. 

Integrated Pest Management  

The team is supportive and builds trust with tenants, which reduces the stigma of reporting pest concerns in tenant homes.  

The pamphlets left behind from visits providing information on what to expect next and when is very helpful. 


This year, OCH started asking tenants to complete satisfaction surveys and provide feedback on Maintenance, Integrated Pest Management, Call Centre, Home Assessments and   Tenancy Administration Services. So far, we have received 3,113 responses – with an overall rating of 86 percent satisfaction rate.  

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Feedback About Tenancy Administration

Community Safety Services

Waste Management - Collaboration With The City of Ottawa

OC Transpo - Equipass + Welcome Home

  • Tenants appreciate the ability to submit information digitally to documents@och.ca.   
  • The new OCH pilot project for tax clinics is wonderful in helping tenants get their required Notice of Assessment at no cost. 

Tenant Support & Referral Services  

  • Concerns are addressed in a respectful manner.   
  • Respecting the need for privacy, tenants trust that a report is addressed when it is brought forward. 

Community Safety Services has been working on a pilot called static patrol. The program was designed to address loitering and noise complaints in busier buildings. Now the pilot is nearing completion and we are working on securing funding to make it permanent. As a result of static patrols, there was an increase of 28 percent of proactive community visits in 2022 from the same period in 2021. 

On April 21, 2022, OCH hosted a session between City of Ottawa and Tenant Talks Champions to talk about Waste Diversion.   

Champions provided feedback on barriers and challenges faced by OCH tenants in communities.   

The feedback will contribute to the development of future promotion and education material to improve tenant engagement. 

We also heard from a tenant in the Ashgrove community. Shakir shared how he has worked with other community volunteers to improve the community waste area. To learn more, read our tenant newsletter story here.

Many OCH tenants qualify for a reduced monthly bus pass price and single-ride fare for eligible people with low income. The reduced pass is called the Equipass. You can find out if you’re eligible by calling 613-560-5000. 

Welcome Home 

The Welcome Home Program is a program that was put in place by OCH: 

  • To enhance pride of place for tenants,  
  • For tenants to feel at home,  
  • For their lobby to be welcoming to friends and family. 

Question and Answers

Following my annual review, the rent has been increased before a year is up.

How do I get a hold of the parking team?

After the storm, I was stuck in my apartment and had to rely on my family and my doctor for supplies. Are we looking at generators?

A: We send out First Request Letters 5 months in advance. When documents are submitted, we have 31 days to respond. Once the file is complete, we issue a Notice of Decision letter with the new rent effective the first of the following month. This is why your annual review date may continue to change, depending on when your documents are submitted. Annual reviews are done as part of our legislative requirements.

A: parking@och.ca or by calling our One Number 613-731-1182 and selection option 5. 

The Ontario Building Code dictates which buildings needed to have generators (which power things like emergency lights and an elevator). From the May storm, we know how important having generators is, so we are reviewing to see where we can improve this service.   

I am from 200 Friel and we have a lot of problems with pigeons. I was thinking it might be better if we have balcony dividers that go all the way up.

Are there yearly statistics taken for how often security is asked to view cameras for evidence? It seems every time they are called here, those are issues such as a bad angle and people are getting away with bad behaviour.

I’m at 340 Gloucester Street and condo buildings have gone up on either side of the building. Our apartment windows have not been cleaned since the construction was completed and remain filthy. How often are windows cleaned? Are there currently any plans to clean building windows?

A: That is a good thing to bring up to your Property Manager.    

A: We are limited on where we can have cameras due to privacy concerns. We are hopeful Project Guardian will provide some help. Here are some statistics: We have taken 85 Evidence Request calls in 2022. In 2021 we took 267 evidence request calls. However, that doesn’t account for calls that would require a Community Safety Worker to check the footage. 

A: Window washing is not an annual program. It would weigh against other items in the property management budget. Reviewed a portfolio-wide program and its impacts. Now it’s case by case. 


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