Your Safety


Who do I call?

Call OCH Community Safety Services (CSS) at 613-731-1182 option 1 on a 24/7 basis for all non-emergency security issues.
The calls are logged until CSS are on duty. You can find Community Safety Workers (CSW) in OCH communities between noon and 8 A.M.

Call Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or Text CRIMES (274637) keyword “tip252”
to share information that help police solve a crime.

Call 9-1-1 for all life-threatening emergencies. Call 613-230-6211 for other emergencies. Contact your Tenant and Community Worker (TCW) if you require after-crisis services.

When safe to do so, call OCH Community Safety Services (CSS) at 613-731-1182 option 1.

OCH Community Safety Services is your first point of contact. For complaints about parking, noise, and pets, call us at 613-731-1182.

You may also call 3-1-1 for By-law Services. You can visit their website for a full description of City of Ottawa By-Laws.

Call Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or Text CRIMES (274637) keyword “tip252”
to share information that help police solve a crime.

OCH knows that tenant participation is key to the continued advancement of our communities, and recent changes in the way we deliver safety services to tenants shows this. By engaging our communities, increasing communication between staff and tenants, and allowing tenants to be a large part of safety solutions, OCH communities have become secure places where residents can get more enjoyment out of their homes and neighborhood.

CSS staff conduct regular foot patrols, respond to complaints, conduct building and community safety audits, and are required to take notes and encourage information sharing. Current training for CSS staff includes understanding of mental health and addiction issues, behavioral issues, and conflict resolution – key tools for achieving the best outcomes. Working together, Community Safety Services and tenants continue to nurture healthy, safe, and inclusive communities.

Interested in joining the Community Safety team? Keep an eye out for job openings.

Community Safety Services staff can be reached any time between noon and 8 a.m. by calling:


OCH does not handle life threatening emergencies

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911

Need to provide anonymous information on a crime you have witnessed?

Want to learn about how you can feel safer in your community?

Do you need information or need to get in touch with the Ottawa Police Service?

Top 3 Types of Calls in 2016:

Parking Complaint/Occurrence (3,895)

Noise (3,017)

Suspicious Activity (1,148)

0 Community Safety Workers
0 Hours of coverage
0 Community partners
0 Service calls in 2016

Safety Tips

Introduce yourself to your community

There are several groups within your community, such as Tenant Associations and Tenant Circles that you can introduce yourself to. Find out about all the ways you can get involved in your community.

Never give out copies of your building or unit key.

In addition, don’t let stranger follow you through your building’s security door and do not buzz someone in unless you are expecting a visitor. If you feel intimidated by someone, use an alternate entrance.

Always look inside the elevator before entering.

If you are suspicious of another passenger, wait for the next elevator.

Do not use objects to prop your door open.

Also remove any objects that you may come across that are keeping doors open.

Ask someone you trust to check up on your apartment.

If you are going to be away for a while, ask someone you trust to check on your apartment and collect your mail for you.

Keep your doors locked at all times - even while you′re doing laundry.

Also remember to keep your balcony doors locked when not in use.

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