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Want to meet your neighbours, plan events that bring people together, and join activities in your neighbourhood?

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Become a Tenant Leader

With the support of OCH Community Developers, almost 80 OCH communities have a tenant group where neighbours work together to create the community, they want to live in. This includes organizing events (e.g., holiday meals, Canada Day, etc.), running activities (e.g., homework clubs, games nights, gardening, etc.) and more.

Tenant groups and leaders are also an important link between OCH and your communities. Several times a year (winter, spring and fall), OCH organizes District-Based Committee meetings where tenant leaders from different OCH communities are invited to come together to discuss issues important to them and OCH. OCH also regularly recruits tenants to become members of the Board of Directors and various Board Committees.


Volunteer With OCH

Volunteers are at the heart of our community engagement success stories. If you are looking to take part in or plan a volunteer activity, or if you are interested in unpaid student placement, please send an e-mail to: for more information.

Get Started

Participate in Activities Going on in Your Neighbourhood

There are several events, workshops, cooking clubs, yoga, social gatherings, bake sales, and homework clubs that are organized through the community houses that tenants can take advantage of.

Community Capital Fund


OCH dedicates an annual budget of $100,000 to the Community Capital Fund, which encourages tenants to take the lead on community projects that matter to them. For more information on how to apply for the Community Capital Fund, please contact the Community Developer at your nearest OCH office or by calling 613-731-1182.

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Apply To The Youth Futures Program


The Youth Futures Program is a seven-month program that supports post-secondary participation among low-income Ottawa youth through leadership development, employment experience, and post-secondary orientation.

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