Tree Planting (Requires funding)

 FACE at Foster Farm for tree planting - August 2014

FACE at Foster Farm for tree planting - August 2014

Project TimeframeSpring to Fall
Project DifficultyEasy
Physical Demand LevelMedium
Number of Volunteers Required for a Half-Day Event15-20

Why this volunteer project?

Many OCH communities have lost dozens, if not hundreds of trees to the Emerald Ash Borer. With funding support, we can coordinate a volunteer project to plant 20-25 trees in one of the neighborhoods that were most impacted.

What′s involved?

  • Removing the dirt from the holes
  • Planting the trees and laying fresh soil/mulch

Project Funding

Cost: $$$$

This project is funding dependent. The cost of a tree planting event is $5000-$10000. OCH is happy to work with grant opportunities and/or fundraisers to try and bring this opportunity to fruition.

Project Location

This project does not yet have a set location. A community would be identified once funding for the project is established.

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