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Gladstone Village – Subdivision

Gladstone Village is 8 acres of land bordered by Somerset Street to the north, east of the O-Train Trillium Line, west of Preston Street, and south of Oak Street (extension).

The Gladstone Village subdivision will include new streets, sidewalks, multi-use pathways, and infrastructure, servicing, and parcels that will be built out in phases over the coming decade.  It is designed to accommodate up to 1,100 new residential homes.

The subdivision will be anchored by a light rail station, known as the Corso Italia Light Rail Station, positioned at the southwest corner of the subdivision, on the north side of Gladstone Avenue.

Gladstone Village Phase I

The development will be a progressive build of mixed-use (residential/retail/office), mixed-income (affordable and market rent), mixed-low density (low, mid and high-rise) and mixed tenure (rental/ ownership).

Phase 1 will see include:

Community Benefits 

The buildings will include plenty of indoor and outdoor amenity space for the residents to enjoy. 


Sustainability features have been incorporated into the design and function of the project. The buildings will be built to Passive House standards.

The project will be district energy-ready and will include high-efficiency heating and cooling and wastewater heat recovery. There will also be a solar photo voltaic array on the building rooftops.

Amenities & Features


Construction start:  Subdivision construction work is underway!
Construction start:  Phase 1, Summer 2024

Expected Completion Date



This multi-million dollar development is possible because of the contribution of the following investors: