Low Cost Internet

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Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) supports lower cost, affordable internet access for tenants.

We are very pleased to announce that there are two companies that will provide internet services at a lower than regular market cost:


Although I’m not charged for over usage fees, what exactly can I get with 100GB?

  • 25Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed
  • Free installation
  • No credit checks

Up to 100GB of data usage allowance per month – which provides:

  • Up to 50 hours of online videos
  • Download up to 10 HD videos
  • Download up to 2,500 songs
  • Download up to 2,500 images

Connected for Success – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a catch?
There is no catch. Once you sign up for this internet offer, your bill will reflect the $9.99 price monthly (not including taxes).

Is there a cancellation fee?
There is no charge if you would like to cancel this program.

Is there an activation fee?
There is no activation fee.

I do not have an internet modem; will I have to pay for one?
No, as part of this program you will receive a wireless modem at no charge. If you are an existing customer, Rogers will change your services and you can use your new service with your existing modem (to avoid charges, you may be directed to visit a Rogers Plus store to switch your modem).

What happens if I am currently on a bundle (TV, Home Phone and Internet)?
Rogers representatives will weigh out the options for you to ensure it makes sense for you to make the switch to Connected for Success. Connected for Success cannot be consolidated with any other products, so you may decide to stay with your bundle package.

Where do i sign up with Rogers?
Call 1-866-689-0758 or apply online today: www.connectedforsuccess.ca


  • Unlimited use
  • 6Mbps download speed
  • Free installation
  • No credit checks
  • 613-721-8445
  • www.ncf.ca
  • communityaccess@ncf.ca

Eligibility and How to Sign up

To sign up for low-cost Internet, you must contact Rogers or NCF directly, identify you are an OCH tenant and provide your address to be eligible.

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