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Painted By: Claudia Salguero and youth of the Morrison Gardens community.

Location: Morrison Gardens Community House -985-A Morrison Dr.

Meaning: ” A Work of Heart ” serves as a way for marginalized young people to feel a part of a community that cares. Capturing sentiments that include values such as respect, helping, care, and hard work help curb anti-social behaviours. The mural honours the community through the medium of youth culture. 

The theme and content of the mural were decided by the youth, but informed by conversations with parents, community volunteers, and the community at large led by the artist. This mural project was youth-driven and included a group visioning exercise that engaged participants’ ideas from this statement: “Morrison Gardens is built on…”. The mural was painted by the youth, and the artist Claudia Salguero provided the final touch on the artwork. 

Partners: The mural was funded by Paint it Up!, a Crime Prevention Ottawa initiative. Other partners include Morrison Garden tenants, the Morrison Gardens Community House and Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre. 

Year: 2017