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Painted By: Emily Rose, Clare Brebner, Yulia Lisitsyna, and Patricia Smith

Location: Centretown – 415 Maclaren St.

Meaning: Part of Illunaata series. Illunaata which means “all together” in Inuktitut, is a celebration of Canadian imagery and community through the medium of paint. “The design of the mural is meant to reflect the beauty and nature of Centretown. We have chosen to use universally recognizable imagery with a touch of geographical history – local birds and flowers – to bring to life a welcoming and inclusive mural. The flowers are a strong symbol of the growth of the people, and of their creative and colourful nature, as well as trying it into the raw beauty of the local gardens and park areas. We used multiple colours to be able to bring aspects of pride, as well as several different Ottawa Valley birds and flora to showcase diversity and the ability to thrive together. This mural will stand to be an emblem of ‘welcomness’ and inclusion to all who view it. -Emily Rose, Artist ” (credit: OSA) 

Partners: Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa 2017 

Year: 2017