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Integrity Portal

OCH provides a convenient and anonymous way for members of the public to report suspected cases of fraud, waste and misuse of assets. report or any kind of activity that could be deemed illegal, dishonest, wasteful or a deliberate violation of OCH policy.

call: 613-691-5433

OCH 24/7 Call Centre

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We do not yet accept maintenance request via email.

Caldwell Office (West)

  • 1485 Caldwell Ave.

Chapel Office (Central)

  • 731 Chapel Cr.

Murray Office (East)

  • 380 Murray St.

Ramsey Office (West)

  • 1065 Ramsey Cr.

Bank Office (South)

  • 1365 Bank St.

Auriga Office (Head Office)

  • 39 Auriga Dr.

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