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The following are answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the heating management system installed in some of OCH’s buildings.

Yes. You can still set the temperature on your thermostats.

No. If there is no heat, it could mean one of the following.

  • Your thermostat is set to 0° C/F or “off.”
  • The temperature in your apartment and on your thermostats are the same. There is no reason to continue.
  • The temperature outside is warm, so your baseboard heater does not have to run as often to reach the temperature you set on your thermostats.
  • You may be using other heating equipment such as electric or ceramic heating fans, or indoor fireplaces. Is not recommended to use additional heating equipment because it prevents your electric baseboard heaters from turning on.

The HMS sends the outdoor local temperature to the controller and thermostats in your apartment. Based on this temperature, the system calculates how much power the baseboard needs to heat and maintain the temperature you set on your thermostats.

Yes. Most corner apartments have more baseboard heaters in order to provide more heat. In addition, the HMS provides more power to your baseboards if you live in a corner unit, on the top floor or on the North side of a building.

Turn on the baseboard heaters in your bedroom(s) and living room to distribute the heat more evenly in your home. Start with a slightly lower temperature (18 – 21°C / 64 – 70°F) to prevent over-heating and adjust if you are still cold. You can also review #7 of the FAQs.

Previously, if you left your windows open in the winter, your baseboard may have run quite often if you selected a warm temperature on your thermostat to compensate.

The new system now knows based on the size of the room, the outdoor temperature, and the temperature you select on your thermostat how much power to use to heat your home. If you open a window, you are letting all of the heat out of your apartment and wasting electricity. If you have to open your window, open less than an inch and turn the heat down.


  • You should remove all air conditioners from the windows by no later than October 15, and ensure that the windows are re-installed properly until the Spring next
  • When it is cold outside, only open windows or patio doors for a few minutes at a time, or a small amount.
  • Ensure that large furniture or curtains do not block the baseboard heaters to ensure the heat flows into your apartment.
  • Tile and hard flooring feels cold in the winter months. Wear slippers or soc

Lower the temperature or turn off your baseboard heaters while you sleep. You could also use a small humidifier to increase your comfort during the winter months.

Dust and debris could be on and in your baseboard heaters. It is recommended that you vacuum, dust or use a damp cloth to clean outside and inside your heaters before the cold season sets in.

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