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Ottawa Community Housing Backgrounder

Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) is the largest social housing provider in Ottawa and the second largest in Ontario.  OCH provides affordable rental homes for about 32,000 residents, including seniors, parents, children, singles and persons with special needs.

The OCH Board of Directors is comprised of twelve members, including four City Councillors, six Community representatives, a tenant Board member, and the Mayor as an Ex-Officio member. The Corporation operates at arm’s length from the City of Ottawa, our sole Shareholder.  OCH collaborates with nearly 100 community and private sector partners to serve and support OCH residents.

The Corporation employs about 370 staff, located in its headquarters and in four district offices across the city.

OCH has over 15,000 homes located in 160 communities throughout the City and includes apartments in low-rise and high-rise buildings, townhouses, row houses, detached houses and rooming houses. The OCH portfolio includes buildings ranging in age from one year old to over one hundred years old.

In 2014, OCH had revenues of $148 million, including $78.6 million in subsidies and $65.2 million in rent.

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