Building Bridges Across Ottawa

As a social housing provider, we work daily to ensure we are “more than a landlord” by supporting residents to achieve successful tenancies and to build healthy and safe communities.

To maximize the benefit from specialized programs and services available in the broader community, OCH works with many different agencies and groups to help our tenants meet their individual needs and make their communities healthier places to live. These partnerships, which range from on-site services (e.g. Community Houses, Aging in Place) to referral agreements to the lease of entire OCH buildings, have led to numerous programs and services aimed at meeting the diverse and changing needs of OCH tenants and communities.


2016 Partnership Survey

The survey asked 72 partner organizations who provide services to OCH tenants and communities to rate their level of satisfaction with OCH based on the OCH values of Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

The overall partnership satisfaction rating is 80%. The highest rated value was Respect (83%), followed by Collaboration (81%), Excellence (80%) and Accountability (77%).   Partners are highly satisfied with their OCH partnerships.

The comments received through the survey reinforced the following themes:

  • Professional and respectful OCH staff
  • Mutual concern for tenants best interest
  • Willingness to work together to solve complex community issues
  • Strong interpersonal relationships

The majority of partners perceived the OCH relationship positively and recommended that most partnership practices be maintained.

There were specific suggestions to further strengthen partnerships.  The major themes in partner feedback revolved around accountability, planning and communication. Common suggestions to build partnership satisfaction were to:

  • Clarify who does what in the partnership
  • Make sure that OCH practices and approaches are consistent
  • Develop and coordinate common plans and objectives
  • Have regular meetings to improve communications

Partner’s Forum

Since 2009, OCH has hosted a Partners’ Forum, an event that brings together over 50 partner agencies for a day of learning and sharing. As partners, we strive to make our partnerships and networks more intentional and to share the accountability for the success of individual tenancies and the health of our communities. Partner collaboration means benefits for tenants and communities.

 2015 Partner′s Forum

2015 Partner′s Forum

 2016 Partner′s Forum

2016 Partner′s Forum

On December 2, 2016 OCH hosted its 8th consecutive Partners Forum. This event brought service partners from across Ottawa for a day of networking and learning.  A total of 138 people attended from 57 different service partners, including:

  • City of Ottawa
  • Community Health and Resource Centre,
  • Community Houses,
  • Mental Health and Addiction agencies,
  • Seniors’ Wellness agencies,
  • Youth and Children programming groups,
  • Religious organizations
  • Settlement agencies
  • Supportive Housing providers and shelters
  • Social Housing providers
  • Ottawa Police Services
  • Ottawa Fire Services

Community Houses

Close-knit neighbourhoods require versatile meeting space, which is why 15 of our family communities benefit from the presence of an on-site Community House. Community Houses provide dedicated space for the delivery of services and programs, and serve as a place to hold meetings and activities. Tenants benefit from having a Community House in a number of ways, including having access to programs such as continuing education courses for adults and homework clubs and recreation for children. Community Houses are funded by the City of Ottawa.

Connect me with community houses

A few of our community partners:

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