Tenant Satisfaction

2015 OCH Tenant Satisfaction Survey - Highlights of Results

OCH partnered with Ekos Research Associates to carry out a Tenant Satisfaction Survey in 2015.

The survey examined overall levels of tenant satisfaction in three broad areas:

  • satisfaction with their home
  • their community
  • the services provided by OCH; including maintenance, safety and security.

Click Here for Insights from the Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Overall, the results were positive with 74%-75% tenant satisfaction rates in each of the three areas.

Overall tenant satisfaction 0%

Safety and Security

feel safe inside their homes 0%
feel safe outside their homes 0%

OCH Maintenance Services

satisfied with delivery of services 0%
find maintenance staff helpful, polite 0%

Overall Satisfaction Among Seniors

feel safe 0%
satisfied with their homes 0%
satisfied with their communities 0%


The results are statistically reliable at a level of 95%, making them highly representative of the broader community of tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing.

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