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Aug 2nd, 2023

Tenant Satisfaction Survey a Valuable Tool for OCH Staff

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The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is completed every three years. It’s a valuable tool for OCH staff to determine what services we are doing well and where there are opportunities to improve. We wanted to share some highlights from our most recent survey results.   

What we have been doing well  

Here are some areas where investments have made a difference to tenants.   

Integrated Pest Management   

Investments in Pest Management and a new, proactive approach are paying off – we hear residents are more satisfied with that service.   


We are hearing that tenants are more satisfied with the work done by our maintenance teams through the Tenant Satisfaction Survey results and the feedback shared through our pulse surveys. The “pulse surveys” gather feedback from tenants right after a work order is completed. It gives us real-time feedback so we can learn how to make real improvements immediately.   

Rent and Lease Services  

We know that residents are pleased with our rent and lease services – 80 percent of those who participated in the survey indicated they are satisfied.   


We are hearing from tenants that they feel unsafe in their communities. Our Community Safety Services team is proactively visiting OCH communities.   

Look for information on our website, social media and the Tenant Newsletter on who to call and when. Safe communities are a partnership between OCH staff, tenants and our partner, Ottawa Police Services.  

Community Engagement  

Tenants told us that having a voice is essential for vibrant communities. That is why we are looking at taking the Tenant Talks team on the road and getting feedback from residents where they live. We also know our Community Developers are working hard with partner organizations to resume celebrations and support groups paused during the pandemic. And we have a dedicated team of Tenancy Support Workers – connecting tenants to resources to promote successful tenancies. Not sure how to contact your Tenancy Support Worker? Call 613-731-1182.  


We have received some feedback about building cleanliness. New initiatives are underway to ensure cleaner buildings, such as the “Building Cleaning Inspections Program,” launched in 2022, in alignment with new building cleaning contracts. So far, in 2023, 874 Building Cleaning Inspections have been conducted, resulting in a significant increase in oversight of quality and contract adherence.  

While we are excited to hear that we are doing well, we need to receive feedback to continuously improve our services. The tenant and pulse surveys are among the many ways we can learn about opportunities to improve service levels.  

What’s Next?   

We will incorporate more pulse surveys with tenants to collect real-time feedback. The feedback received will allow us to make improvements based on current needs and have a more immediate impact.  

Tenant Satisfaction Survey