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Feb 16th, 2024

OCH’s 2024 Budget focuses on delivering Quality Tenant Services and promoting Safe and Healthy Communities 

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The well-being of tenants remains OCH’s top priority, and this budget reflects our commitment to improving the communities we serve.  

How does the budget impact OCH tenants?  

In 2024, OCH will invest in maintenance and renewal programs that will continue to create comfortable living environments for tenants. This work will include multi-year investments to ensure homes are in a good state of repair, enhance safety and security and upgrade community facilities such as elevators and lobbies. 

 Here are some examples of the funding and programs that we know will matter to you: 

  • $10M for Mechanical and Electrical System Repair & Renewal Program   
  • $6M for Project Guardian  
  • $4M for the Site Renewal Program  
  • $3M for the Fire Safety System Renewal Program   
  • $2.7M for the Windows Replacement Program   
  • $2.4M for the Elevator Modernization Program   
  • $2M for the Cladding Repair and Renewal Program   
  • $2M for the Structural Repair Program  
  • $1.8M for Welcome Home Program  
  • $1.6M for the Roofing Program   
  • $0.5M for Accessibility Upgrades   

We’re growing our communities!   

The 2024 budget allows us to develop more affordable housing. By the end of 2024, OCH expects to have finished the construction of 322 new affordable homes and continue the construction of 609 more affordable homes.  

Despite ongoing financial uncertainty and inflation, we are committed to ensuring that you receive critical services.