Air Conditioners (A/C)

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OCH may approve minor modifications regarding the installation of a portable air conditioner. You are responsible for any damage to people or property caused by the modification, the installation or removal of an air conditioner. These conditions must be met and maintained if OCH approves installation of an air conditioner (A/C).

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Download a printable copy of the Unit Modification Standard : Installing an  Air Conditioner 

For additional information, contact your Property Manager at 613-731-1182.

OCH is providing guidelines for the use, installation, and types of air conditioner (window or portable unit) in OCH homes. Contrary to what some may have heard, OCH is not banning A/C units, but limiting the installation of window air conditioners in mid to high rise buildings to a window that is located over a balcony only.

  • Immediately for new tenants that have signed a lease on or after January 2017
  • May 2019 for all other tenants
  • To ensure the safety of tenants, their guests and staff – improper installation of window air conditioners have led to A/C units falling.
  • Poor installation of the window A/Cs have damaged buildings and homes.
  • Organize information sessions, to hear and gather your feedback and discuss how we can respect the standards to ensure a safe environment while still meeting your needs
  • Communicate updates and what support will be available to help you during the transition to minimize the impact on you
  • Work with other agencies and other groups (ODSP, Aging in Place, etc.) to find solutions for tenants with special needs
  • Continue the negotiations with companies with AC manufacturers and retailers to provide tenants with options and savings for portable A/C units.


You must have written permission from OCH.

For OCH to consider your application, you must:

  • Obtain and maintain third party liability insurance
  • Agree to return OCH property to its original condition if OCH asks you to and when you move out
  • Agree to pay all costs for changes, installations and repair; and for damages to any person or property resulting from the modification

Window air conditioners may only be installed:

  • if installing one does not void the window warranty
  • in a ground floor window or directly over a balcony
  • within a window, not in a window in a door

A/C’s must:

  • be self-evaporating (dripless)
  • be installed in the lower window position of vertical sliding windows
  • not exceed the electrical capacity of the unit
  • be removed by October 15 each year

A/C’s must be installed:

  • in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • so the A/C does not sit on or be supported by the window frame
  • without drilling holes into, or modifying the window frame or building
  • using the window inserts provided with the A/C unit, or ¼ inch plywood painted white
  • by adequately sealing the opening of the window
  • by plugging directly into the electrical outlet, or using appliance grade extension cord (12 gauge, 6 foot/2 metre)

When the installation is complete, call OCH to schedule an inspection

  • The modifications must be removed and the unit returned to its original condition at your expense.
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