Basement Modification

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OCH may approve minor modifications for your basement. You are responsible for any damage to people or property caused by the modification, its installation or removal. These are the conditions that must be met and maintained if OCH approves the basement modification in your home.

Basement Modifications 

You must have written permission from OCH. To get written permission from OCH, you must:

  • Have and maintain third party liability insurance
  • Agree to return OCH property to its original condition if OCH asks you to and when you move out
  • Agree to pay all costs for changes, installations and repairs; and for damages to any person or property resulting from the modification
  • Give plans or drawings to your Property Manager

A basement modification may not:

  • Change, alter or impair the structure of the home/building
  • Connect to or alter the wiring or electrical system
  • Connect to or alter the plumbing system or any part of the Heating,Ventilation Air or Cooling (HVAC) systems within the home or complex.

In addition:

  • Flooring may not be affixed to the floor (i.e. only floating floor or area rugs are allowed)
  • Flooring may not cover drains, sewer cleanouts or other supply lines
  • Install suspended ceilings only
  • Walls, ceiling or flooring may not cover or hide fixtures, furnace, appliances, water supply lines, sewer clean-out, and hot water tank
  • A modified basement may never be used as a bedroom or sleeping quarters
  • A modification must be removed if OCH requires it, or if OCH needs to do repairs
  • Use only materials and finishes approved by Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Use flooring materials that are water and mould resistant (i.e.: free draining sub-floor)

The modifications must be removed and the unit returned to its original condition at your expense.

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