Building 2 Planter Benches (5 volunteers)

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Project Timeframe2021 – Summer
Project DifficultyModerate
Physical Demand LevelMedium (bending, light lifting and using shovel to fill boxes with soil, and using tools)
Number of Volunteers Required for a Half-Day Event5

Why this volunteer project?

This is a project that you will be able to leave seeing the difference that you made in the community’s outdoor space. Volunteers will be building planter benches, lining them and filling with soil and fertilizing. The planter benches will be ready for the community to plant their flowers when we leave at the end of the day!

What′s involved?

  • Carrying the wood
  • Working in team to build the benches (instructions and on site support provided)
  • Use of hammers and drills is required
  • Filling planter benches with soil/ fertilizer
  • All tools will be provided including safety gear
  • Some flexibility in tasks is available to meet the needs of those who require less strenuous tasks

Project Funding

Cost: $$$ This project is not funding dependent, however monetary contributions from the group to donate towards the community projects are always appreciated.

Project Location

This community is located on Chapel Crescent. Street parking is available but limited. Bussing or carpooling is encouraged.