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Dec 17th, 2013

City and Ottawa Community Housing unveil affordable and accessible housing development for Old St. Patrick Street

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News Release

Ottawa – Mayor Jim Watson joined City Councillors, community leaders and members of Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCHC) to unveil the architectural designs for a new 10-unit housing complex that will be located at 454-456 Old St. Patrick Street. The event also provided the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the outgoing Chief Executive Officer of Ottawa Community Housing, Jo- Anne Poirier.

“While most of Ottawa enjoys a good standard of living, it is important to remember the 140,000 that live below the poverty line” said Mayor Jim Watson. “These include children, the elderly and persons living with special needs. We must ensure that we are not balancing our books on the backs of society’s most vulnerable and the City of Ottawa has shown that this can be done.”

“By investing in safe, affordable and accessible housing we save money in healthcare, emergency services and the justice system” noted Councillor Mark Taylor, Chair of Community and Protective Services.

Councillor Peter Hume, Chair of the Planning Committee, introduced the project and noted its success from a planning perspective. “What was a vacant and derelict semi-detached house will become new homes for ten Ottawa families, providing convenient access to schools, transit, city services and employment opportunities” he said. This sentiment was echoed by Ward Councillor Mathieu Fleury, who stated he was “very happy with the design” and that “it fits in well with the surrounding neighbourhood and I know the new residents will appreciate everything Lowertown has to offer.”

Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, Chair of the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCHC), used the event as an opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of Jo-Anne Poirier, the CEO of OCHC. “During her tenure she has skilfully managed our $2 billion housing portfolio, set us on the path for long term financial sustainability and improved the quality of life for our 32,000 residents. She has left an indelible mark on our city and we are truly grateful.”

The $2.53 million Old St. Patrick Street Housing Development is an OCHC project. It is funded with a $1.3 million contribution from the City of Ottawa under the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, which seeks to address the needs of Ottawa’s most vulnerable residents by eliminating chronic homelessness and building a city where everyone has a safe and affordable home in a neighbourhood where they chose to live.

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