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Mar 10th, 2022

Community Improvement projects

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painting roller

  • Project timeframe – Summer 2022
  • Project difficulty – moderate
  • Physical demand level – Medium
    (using tools, bending, painting)

Why this volunteer project?

Community improvement projects can include things such as cabana repair, basketball court repainting and replacing picnic tables. 

What’s Involved?

Project Funding

Project Location

  • Carrying materials
  • Working in team to build/repair items
  • Use of hammers and drills maybe required
  • Painting
  • All tools will be provided including safety gear
  • Some flexibility in tasks is available to meet the needs of those who require less strenuous tasks

These projects are not funding dependent, however monetary contributions from the group to donate towards the community projects are always appreciated. 

This project is located in the Strathcona community.