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Dec 7th, 2023

Construction update: A Success Story

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The Seniors building at 865 Gladstone has just undergone a fantastic makeover that has left tenants feeling happier and more at home.  

The more than 400 seniors who call 865 Gladstone Avenue home are going to be more comfortable thanks to building renovations that included replacing the building’s balcony doors and windows.  

The previous doors and windows were causing air and water leakage and needed repairs.  

Limen Construction Group replaced the balcony doors and windows, installed pigeon netting, and replaced the exterior sealants. The OCH team also cleaned the kitchen exhaust ducts to improve air circulation and replaced other hallway windows.  

This project required a lot of coordination between different partners and departments. Which was very well managed by Project Manager Michael Ranger, who ensured everything went according to plan.   

Keith Rutherford from the Asset Management team, who provided access to the apartments for the contractors and made sure the site was safe and secure.  

The renovation project has several benefits for the tenants. The new doors and windows provide better natural light and more space inside the apartments. They keep out drafts and reduce heating costs, while the exterior sealing helps to prevent water leakage. The new bird netting keeps the balconies pigeon-free.  

The 865 Gladstone renovation project is a great example of how teamwork and careful planning can renew aging buildings and provide tenants with more comfortable and energy-efficient homes.