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Mar 12th, 2024

Construction Update: Exciting Changes at 395 Somerset! 

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The tenants at 395 Somerset could host their annual Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations in an upgraded kitchen that meets the needs of senior tenants.  

The best part? The job was completed within budget and on time, thanks to the hard work of OCH staff from the Asset Management team and vendors CSV Architects and B&S Renovation Inc.  

Your Input Matters!  

Natalie, Assistant Project Manager, and Diamond, Project Manager of Asset Renewal, were actively involved in meetings led by Community Developer Amanda. These meetings were all about getting tenants’ thoughts on how the kitchen should look and work. We promised to have the kitchen ready for tenants before the Lunar New Year (February 10), and we’re thrilled to say that we kept that promise. 

Benefits to Tenants 

We know how important the lounge kitchens are in OCH communities. The upgraded kitchen now meets accessibility standards, which will make cooking meals easier for resident volunteers. 

Did you know? 

Since January 2021, members of the Tenant Circle have volunteered their time every Sunday to set up and support the running of the Ottawa Mission Food Truck in their community. Due to their contribution, more than 5,000 warm meals have been served to people who live in the wider Centretown neighbourhood.