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811 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa


The first phase of the redevelopment of the Rochester Heights community has seen the removal of 26 townhomes in the summer of 2018 on land at the northeast corner of Gladstone and Rochester. The proposed design is for a six-storey building with 108 apartments and two stacked townhome blocks along Balsam Street, containing 16 units each, for a total project count of 140 homes. 

The design will create capacity for affordable housing, with a mix of studios, one-bed units, two-, three-, and four-beds.  It will have a generous amount of indoor and outdoor amenity space, surface and underground parking, and bicycle parking. 

The original townhomes were built in 1966 and had reached the end of their life cycle. The design will pursue net-zero and passive house designations, the gold standard of sustainable design. The objective is for the building to produce as much electricity as it consumes. One of the ways OCH plans to accomplish this is to install a bank of solar panels. It will rival our largest solar panel array yet at our Regina Lane townhomes, which produce enough electricity annually to power 12 homes. 

All of OCH’s new builds practice waste diversion. As the 26 homes were being vacated in Rochester Heights, five kitchens were salvaged to use as materials for renovations in other communities. Any metal recovered was sold, and the proceeds were donated to the OCH Foundation. 


Phase 1: Rehousing of 26 households  completed. 
Demolition of phase 1:  Complete. 
Construction began:  Summer 2019

Completion Date



The project received $18.3 million in funding from the Federal Investment in Affordable Housing Program and Social Infrastructure Fund, a $25.9 million repayable loan, and a $2.2 million forgivable loan from the National Co-Investment Fund (renamed the Affordable Housing Fund in 2023).

Community Profile (pre-build) 

  • Rochester Heights is an Ottawa Community Housing neighbourhood comprising just over 100 townhouses in the West Centretown area. 
  • It is a family community located north of Raymond Street between  
    Booth and Rochester Streets, close to the Asian and Italian  
    communities. Schools, parks and recreational facilities 
  • Half of the tenants are single parents 
  • Built in 1966