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Feb 28th, 2024

CSS on the Beat: Meet Josh 

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For Community Safety Worker Josh Denney, coming to work at OCH was a calling. His background is in police foundations. He has also worked and volunteered in community and social services for over five years with agencies like the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa at the Young Men’s Emergency Shelter and Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre.  

“I was drawn to OCH as a result of being inspired by our mandate to provide safe and affordable housing to diverse communities in Ottawa,” he said. “Therefore, the chance to become a Community Safety Worker with OCH and combine my skills, experience and education for such an important cause was a natural fit.”  

What does a typical day look like?  

At the start of each shift, Josh arrives at the OCH offices to gear up. He then gets updates through email and in-person briefings.  

“If there is one thing that is for certain within the dynamic role of being a CSW at OCH, it is that your day will be filled with communication,” Josh said. “This is because collaboration, partnerships and teamwork are critical to the everyday success of Community Safety Services.”  

 Josh starts responding to calls after getting up to speed on the day’s priorities. Calls to the CSW team can range from loitering to noise to parking complaints.   

Josh said calls are a chance to collaborate with partners and tenants. The team works together to solve problems.  

What are some of the challenges?  

According to Josh, working as a CSW brings new and exciting challenges every day. He said there are many cases where staff must make quick and timely decisions under pressure. And there can be a lot of unpredictability.  

On the flip side, Josh’s favourite part of the job is community engagement and collaboration.  

“Getting the opportunity to work with other dedicated and caring professionals is very rewarding, and of course tenants,” he said. 

What does Josh do when he’s not on the job?  

Josh spends time with his wife and five-year-old son when he’s not working. He’s very active – and can bench press more than 300 pounds. But underneath that, Josh is a big softy. He rescued a three-legged kitty, Lilah, who he jokingly calls a Tri-pawed.