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Jun 28th, 2022

Did You Know: Insurance Is Mandatory For All Tenants

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Every year, tenants in our communities lose belongings due to fire, water or property damage. Any damage that occurs in your home is your responsibility. 

Without any insurance, it may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay for the lost items affected by fire and any damage to the property. Insurance will cover the replacement and/or repair of belongings and property up to a certain amount, depending on your plan. 

All new tenants and tenants who are transferring within OCH are required to show proof of insurance before signing the lease. If you have signed a new lease or transferred since March 2014, you also have to provide yearly confirmation of insurance coverage to OCH. The tenant insurance policy protects you and your family in the case of fire, theft or water damage to your possessions. It also protects you if you cause damage to your home and the property of others. 

Protect yourself and your belongings – purchase tenant insurance. If you do not have tenant insurance, contact your nearest OCH office to get more information on insurance options. 

Your Insurance Fees May Be Covered 

You might be able to include your insurance fees as part of your shelter allowance under Ontario Works (OW) benefits or the Ontario Disability Support Program. Speak to your caseworker for more details.