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Feb 7th, 2023

Green Corner: Sustainable Solutions on Mikinak Road

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Ottawa Community Housing is creating a sustainable future by simultaneously addressing two issues with a creative solution. It’s called Mikinàk, OCH’s newest affordable housing development. Located in Wateridge Village, overlooking the Ottawa River, Mikinàk will offer 271 apartments in three buildings with different levels of affordability to help address Ottawa’s housing, homelessness and climate emergencies.   

What sets it apart from others aside from its modern building designs or convenient amenities, is Mikinàk’s commitment to conservation and sustainability.   

The Mikinàk development will be operated by ARRIV Properties. Arriv fills a gap in the Ottawa rental market. It offers homes at average or below-average market prices, setting the standard for modern living and lifestyle at an affordable price. ARRIV Properties is an important product line in OCHC’s spectrum of affordable housing. 

  • The three separate buildings are inspired by Passive House design standard, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs for both landlord and tenant. Mikinàk will have a reduced carbon footprint and includes several sustainability features:   
  • 300 kW of Solar panels on the roofs, which will generate more than 300,000 KwH of power each year – the equivalent of charging more than 16 million smartphones. 
  • Innovative in-suite heat pump heating and cooling systems designed locally.  
  • A wastewater heat recovery system will use the heat from used water to heat incoming fresh water. 
  • Geothermal heating and cooling for common areas  

At OCH, leveraging our energy and conservation strategy helps us create green communities that are good for the environment and make sense for tenants. By reducing energy costs and providing residents with a comfortable and healthy living environment, we are confident that Mikinàk, our most recent ARRIV Properties affordable housing development, will be the gold standard for affordable and sustainable housing across the country. 

You can check out a 3-D flyover of Mikinàk.