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Jun 29th, 2023

Green Corner: Three New Electric Vehicles Roll into OCH Communities

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Did you know OCH has been working to ensure company vehicles are used by maintenance, community safety services and asset management staff are more fuel efficient since 2012?  It’s part of OCH’s Eco2Plan, which aims to work towards greener communities through three pillars:  

  • Our buildings  
  • Our people  
  • Our culture  

This commitment is why we were so excited to turn the keys into the ignitions of three new maintenance vans that are fully electric. The vehicles rolled into OCH’s head office on June 29 and will be used by maintenance staff who work on turning over homes to welcome new tenants.   

As funding allows, we intend to increase the number of electric vehicles in our fleet, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint. It’s part of the City of Ottawa’s Race to Zero Pledge – which aims to eliminate all the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.