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Sep 6th, 2023

Green Corner: Three Tiny Forests are coming to Ottawa Community Housing

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In 2023, Ottawa Community Housing is partnering with EnviroCentre and Forêt Capitale Forest to plant Tiny Forests at three of its properties – Lexington, Esson Place-Hunt Club and Cahill-Woodland Place.  

A Tiny Forest is a special type of forest that makes a great addition to small urban spaces. It includes native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers planted closely together to encourage growth. The soil it grows in has been amended to mimic the mature forest floor that would have been found in this area long ago.  

Tiny Forests provide shade, reduce heat, dampen noise, filter rainwater, and improve the biodiversity of Ottawa. They also offer a place to relax, appreciate nature, and socialize with other community members.   

 Tenant Consultations in all three locations took place in early June. They allowed tenants to provide their feedback on the type of trees to include in the Tiny Forests as well as their placement.  

Residents were invited to participate in the community planting days at each of their communities in September. Our partners at EnviroCentre did door-knocking and posted flyers to ensure tenants who wanted to participate were aware of the opportunity.  

The first planting day was held at 507 Riverdale on Sept. 6. EnviroCentre, Forêt Capitale Forest, OCH staff and tenants were joined by Capital Ward Coun. Shawn Menard. A variety of trees were planted – including some edible plants such as pear trees based on input from residents.  

Planting these three Tiny Forests is possible thanks to a donation from the Josette Robertson and Joan Johnston Family Foundation – Ottawa Community Foundation