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Mar 12th, 2024

Revitalizing Heritage: The Latest Upgrades at 504 Albert

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Nestled in the historic roots of a designated heritage home built in 1865 is a story of technology meeting tradition.

504 Albert is a testament to a bygone era, having evolved from a single-family residence to seven separate apartments over the years. Its architectural significance demanded a delicate balance between preservation and modernization.

Taillefer Plumbing and Heating recently undertook a comprehensive upgrade of this historic building, integrating modern advancements to breathe new life into its framework.

The team delved into the construction practices of the past during the renovation. They replaced the original cast iron plumbing with ABS, discovered old knob and tube wiring in the electrical room, and found original horsehair insulation still wrapped around the piping in the stone basement.

basement of heritage building showing old hot water heater tanks

This ambitious project included a range of upgrades, such as replacing 8 aging electric hot water tanks (some exceeding 40 years) with energy-efficient heat pump tanks, updating underground cast iron plumbing with ABS, and implementing new domestic hot and cold copper water lines.

The investment in this transformative project amounted to $270,719 reflecting the commitment to quality and longevity in preserving 504 Albert’s heritage.

The impact of this technological facelift extends beyond the surface, offering various benefits to both the building itself and the tenants. Noteworthy advantages include reduced electricity usage and cost savings for tenants, a more reliable and consistent supply of essential utilities, minimized risk of sewer clogs and basement flooding, a safer living environment, a better structural integrity of the building, and improved lighting.

This project sets a precedent for leveraging the latest advancements to enhance our long-standing structures’ functionality, safety, and sustainability.