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Board of Directors

There are four Board Committees:

  • Finance and Audit
  • Client Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Performance

The Committees meet in advance of the Board Meeting.

For more information contact info@och.ca

Senior Leadership

Nathalie Fauvel

Nathalie Fauvel

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Corporate Services
Shaun Simms

Shaun Simms

Vice President, People, Culture and Communications


OCH’s leadership team is well represented on many Boards of organizations that represent social housing and community interests at the municipal, provincial and federal level.  These organizations include:

On October 3-6, 2016, OCH hosted the International Housing Partnership Forum, where representatives from across the world exchanged ideas and practices on social housing.(read more)

In 2016, an OCH employee was awarded the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Lifetime of Service Recognition Award.