Maintenance and Repairs

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Service Standards

OCH has defined service response targets to provide a sense of timelines to anticipate services being performed to address maintenance and repair issues based on their urgency. We can’t always guarantee these standards, but we always try to meet them.

If you call us with an urgent maintenance request we’ll try to respond within 24 hours. We will send someone to investigate as soon as possible for emergencies like:

  • Failure of essential services Loss of heat or water, a broken elevator, or if your only toilet is blocked.
  • Security or structural risks such as broken locks, doors that won’t close, flooding or a fire alarm.

Problems like a leaky tap are considered a maintenance priority and we will try to deal with them quickly. Expect a response and repairs within 1 to 3 days.

Maintenance requests that are not emergency or urgent may have to wait longer for service. We try to fix all regular maintenance issues within 5 business days. Examples of regular maintenance requests are dripping taps, ripped screens, cracked windows, etc.

Since the start of 2022, OCH has responded to 99.48% of all regular maintenance requests within 5 business days.

On occasion a unit is scheduled for refurbishments or larger replacements, such as, replacing the kitchen floor or replacing a bathtub. This falls under planned maintenance. These requests may take up to 60 days to complete.

OCH charges tenants for costs that are the tenant’s responsibility including:

1. Repairs/maintenance due to willful or negligent damage by the tenant, members of the tenant household or guests, or failure to maintain tenancy conditions; either during tenancy or upon vacating the premises.

2. Costs associated with third party charges, e.g. non-sufficient funds (NSF). Damages caused by “normal wear and tear” (e.g. carpet wearing thin through traffic over time) will not be charged to the tenant as they constitute regular maintenance and will be covered by OCH.

OCH removes the snow from

  1. main entrances and primary walkways
  2. Main driving portion of parking lots, and when 2 or more consecutive parking spaces are empty at the time of the clearing.

Tenants are responsible for snow removal

  1. from their front/back doors to the common walkways for the carport/garage if they have one
  2. for their rented parking space.

For all inquiries, contact the OCH Call Centre Maintenance at 613-731-1182.

Contact the 24/7 Call Centre for all maintenance service requests at: 613-731-1182

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