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Feb 22nd, 2024

New OCH Program to Resolve Work Requests at First Call and Provide Maintenance Staff with the Right Tools  

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A new program at OCH will improve service to tenants by making sure maintenance staff have the right tools at the right time to resolve requests for service at the first call.   

The Supply and Inventory Program focuses on tracking and handling tools by: 

  • Applying a standard across maintenance vehicles. What does this mean? It means making sure the right tools are in the right van. And making sure they are stored in a way to make it easy for staff to quickly find the tool they need.  
  • Creating inventory Rooms central to our communities. What does this do? Having dedicated space reduces travel time for staff to get what they need. And are organized in a way that makes it easier for staff to find tools and other supplies.   
  • Working with suppliers – contracts with suppliers includes ensuring that stock is replaced automatically, so that when staff need more of a certain item, it’s available. We also seek the best prices so that we can invest those savings in other programs or services that benefit tenants.  

How will we make it work? 

  • We looked at what tools and supplies were in our maintenance vehicles to see what else could be needed.  
  • Developed a standard which includes a list of tools and other items that will be stored in every van for each maintenance team (such as regular maintenance or pest management). 
  • We will monitor the program and ask for staff feedback to ensure it’s working as it should.  

Meet the team 

Teju, Manager, Inventory and Programs, leads the program and is supported by Maintenance Coordinators Patrick and Ryan. 

Get To Know Teju 

Teju came to work for OCH in October 2023. He was drawn to work in social housing because of his own experience. He emigrated to Canada from Africa 16 years ago. Thanks to getting placed with Calgary Housing, he and his wife were able to finish their schooling without having to worry about housing for their family of five.  

“I’ve been longing for an opportunity to do work in housing, so I could help provide the same opportunity was provided to me,” he said.